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Who is Bryndon Diaz?

Who is Bryndon Diaz?

You don’t need to know who Bryndon Diaz is to enjoy his beautiful and captivating illustrations. Even his design work catches the attention of global companies and brands.

But there’s more to this young designer than meets the eye. Diaz’s colorful, trippy characters are expressions of his optimistic worldview. In a world where it’s easy to be cynical, this artist is choosing hope.

Want to learn more about Bryndon Diaz? 

Let’s dive in!

Bryndon Diaz speaks at Francisco Marroquín University

About Bryndon Diaz

Bryndon Diaz is an artist and illustrator based in Guatemala City, Guatemala. His love of drawing and illustration began during his childhood. His career officially kicked off in 2014.

Diaz’s Guatemalan heritage inspires his art. Although much of what he does is digital, he incorporates elements of nature, textiles, and traditional art found in Guatemala. According to his profile on, Diaz “has created a world full of masks and multiple eyes, that he considers to be windows of expression in his characters.” 

What is Bryndon Diaz’s Art Style?

Diaz’s art possesses a colorful, psychedelic edge. Much of his work focuses on his unique characters, some of which are human, while others are more fantastical.

Diaz uses a cool, bright color palette and soft lines to create his characters. He adorns many of the subjects with multiple eyes, whether on the subject’s actual body or their clothing. There’s a playful and almost magical edge to his art.

What Inspires Bryndon Diaz’s Art?

According to his artist profile on, Diaz “nature, personalities, [the] universe, people, and empowerment,” all inspire him. The cosmic aspects of these inspirational sources are apparent when absorbing his work’s dreamy, surreal feel.

Diaz also says he uses his art “to communicate the importance of creating, fighting, inspiring, and being emotional.” His regular use of eye imagery is a clear result of his interest in emotional openness. Despite the whimsical nature of many of his subjects, Diaz makes it easy for his audience to connect with them.

A colorful figure with smaller figures and plants and flowers drawn on and around her.

Did Bryndon Diaz Create Pride Month Instagram Filters?

If you’re an Instagram user, you may have already seen Diaz’s art without knowing it! The illustrator created a series of animated stickers and photo filters for the social media platform to celebrate Pride Month. 

One of Diaz’s stickers features his trademark eye in the middle of an animated rainbow folding fan. His filters include more eye imagery plus fun objects such as shoes, hearts, and lips.

Diaz explains his inspiration for this project on “As a gay cisgender man, I know that I have more privileges than other LGBT+ people. It’s important for me to use my work as a voice that reaches different generations in representing the community.”

Did Bryndon Diaz Collaborate With Puma?

Instagram isn’t the only big company to embrace Bryndon Diaz’s art. In 2021, the illustrator landed a collaboration with Puma and Women Win. The latter is a non-profit organization supporting equality and opportunities for women worldwide.

Diaz created an entire campaign, which included animated images and graphics featuring shoes, sports equipment, and athletes drawn in his signature style. The Puma x Women Win collaboration featured these elements in a 30-second ad spot. His colorful, joyful aesthetic pairs perfectly with the project’s humanitarian goals.

What is the Pictoplasma Academy?

Diaz is a 2018 alumnus of the Pictoplasma Academy, whose website still features his art today. The Academy isn’t a brick-and-mortar school but is a project that Lars Denicke and Peter Thaler founded in 1999. The project’s goals are complex. However, the central focus is on using character design and art to inspire positive social change.

The Pictoplasma Academy also hosts two annual meetings, one in Berlin and one in New York. According to their website, these meetings aim to teach artists “how reduced and minimalist design can evoke maximal empathy.” 

This Bauhaus-like philosophy may sound complicated, but Diaz’s art is a natural fit. Given Diaz’s success with socially-minded collaborations and design campaigns, it seems the Pictoplasma Academy is on the right track.

What Are Some of Bryndon Diaz’s Art Pieces?

Bryndon Diaz has accomplished something many designers dream of – a distinct and easily recognizable style that never feels stale. Despite the frequent use of similar color palettes and imagery, every one of Diaz’s pieces feel fresh and unique.

Let’s explore some of his work.

International Space Station 

This heartwarming animation features a cartoon depiction of Earth in Diaz’s personalized style. As the planet rotates, an illustrated version of the International Space Station (ISS) orbits in the opposite direction. It pauses to say “hello” once per rotation.

In an Instagram post, Diaz explains that he created this piece after learning how frequently the ISS is visible from the Earth. This peaceful graphic reminds his audience to look up at the night sky from time to time. If you look at just the right moment, you’ll see the ISS. And you’ll feel you’re connecting with other people in outer space.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day depicts two colorful characters in an embrace. Each character holds one end of a jump rope, which swings high over their heads. Along the edge of the rope, the words “We could play a beautiful game” are visible.

Although Diaz’s subjects are wearing different-colored outfits, each shirt contains a cosmic graphic. The effect of these images is especially psychedelic against the gray background. The viewer can imagine these two characters enjoying one another’s company throughout time and space. Or even just for a brief jump-rope game.

A drawing showing two colorful character embracing while jumping rope.


This piece is a tribute to the 1988 Japanese film Akira. The movie chronicles the aftermath of a third World War in a futuristic version of Tokyo, Japan. Diaz’s illustration employs his personal aesthetic. And it pays homage to the flick’s protagonist with the same red color palette used for Shotaro Kaneda’s iconic motorcycle and clothing.

Diaz explains in an Instagram post that the movie came out in 1988. But he felt upon seeing it for the first time that its message is still relevant. The film was set in 2019. Though its vision of the distant future doesn’t feel all that inaccurate today. Diaz says that despite Akira’s dystopian storyline, he also found quite a bit of hope in the story.

Where Can I See Some of Bryndon Diaz’s Art?

Currently, there are no permanent exhibits featuring Diaz’s work. But the artist’s Instagram account, @Bryndon_Diaz, is an excellent resource for those hoping to enjoy his art. The account chronicles his works in progress and features illustrations, animation, and photos of 3D art objects. 

Instagram isn’t the only place to keep up with Diaz. He’s also featured on the websites for the Pictoplasma Academy and Behance. A quick Google search also reveals more of this talented illustrator’s work.

Windows of Expression

Bryndon Diaz is a one-of-a-kind talent. Drawing on his heritage and personal life, Diaz found a way to make specific experiences and inspirations universally accessible. His art encourages his audience to imagine the world outside their individual perspectives. We suspect we’ll see much more of his work in the future!

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