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Who Is E.M. Zax?

Who Is E.M. Zax?

Perspective is everything to enigmatic artist E.M. Zax. Where you stand, how you tilt your head, or even if the lights are on, your perception is what matters. 

Zax creates work that feels alive. He’s of the new breed of outsider artists, made for Instagram and TikTok. Using bleeding-edge technology, Zax is an outsider to watch. 

Join us as we explore the world of E.M. Zax.

Let’s go!

The Story of E.M. Zax

E.M. Zax is a lifetime Los Angeles resident and self-taught artist. According to his website, Zax loved all kinds of art from a very young age. Without boundaries of genre or style, he integrated various forms into his work. 

And like Banksy before him, Zax is more or less anonymous. Details about his personal life are purposefully vague, if they exist at all. 

Personally, our gallery is a big fan. We have multiple pieces.

What Kind of Art Does E.M. Zax Create?

Zax works in a few specific forms. Polymorphs, or paintings that provide three different images, are his most iconic. You see one of three compositions, depending on where you stand to view the pieces. 

He also incorporates pop iconography, such as Star Wars and Mickey Mouse, into his work. Instead of a Warhol copy, he mutates these images into a form only Zax could create.

Zax also has a body of work focusing on the play of light, including LED illumination, cutting lights, and infinite mirrors. These pieces push the envelope further by challenging the viewer’s perception of reality. 

Grafitti is one form that Zax uses throughout his work—covering a stormtrooper in bright paint and selling it for $5000? Right up his alley. Other graffiti-covered objects like spray paint cans, guitars, and splatter-painted violins give his work a tongue-in-cheek feeling. 

What Are Some of E.M. Zax’s Art Pieces?

Once you see Zax’s work, it’s impossible to miss. Juxtaposed images and splashes of color make his art easy to recognize. Zax’s work appears around the country in exhibitions and private collections. His unique artwork appeared in over 20 shows in the last three years.

Spray Paint Cans 

Spray Paint Cans features five graffiti-covered paint cans, a cheeky commentary on the process of creating art. Mounted in a shadow box for display, the cans’ vibrant colors pop against the white background. 

Zax uses eye-catching brilliant shades of neon colors to create a cohesive composition. 

Painted Bass 

Part of his series of painted instruments, Painted Bass resides in the collection of none other than Phil Soussan. Soussan, famous for his work with Ozzy Osbourne and Billy Idol, bought the piece in December 2021. 

The edgy-looking bass guitar fits perfectly into the shadowbox and is splattered with Zax’s signature paint. 

Welcome to Las Vegas 

The iconic Las Vegas skyline gets the Zax treatment in this polymorph painting. “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” is mashed up with the city’s skyline and the strip in this vibrant piece. Mix in some neon splatter paint, and you’ve surely got a winner. 


For a specific set of fans, R2-D2 is the perfect addition to a Star Wars collection. The lifesize sculpture of the beloved robot is brightly painted in street art style. 

Using his signature spray paint, Zax has made a punk rock icon out of the friendly little droid. If this piece is in your collection, you’re our only hope to see it in person. 

Where Can I See E.M. Zax’s Art?

You can find Zax’s art all over the internet and in private collections. His website is the best place to view the most extensive grouping of Zax’s work. You’ll be happy you checked it out. 


Like any good contemporary artist, E.M. Zax uses Instagram to showcase his work. He has two handles, @zax_artist and @zax_artist_official. With over 250 posts and a massive variety of work, it’s the best place to reach him. 

For us, the most fun is interacting with the artist through comments. And if you’re a collector like we are, you can discuss specific pieces with him. It’s a blast to have direct access to an artist like Zax.

You can also find Zax’s work in our Outsider Folk Art Instagram gallery. Our personal collection holds a few Zax originals and other outsider artists. From old school to the up-and-comers, the gallery focuses on bringing marginalized artists to you. 

Black, immigrant, indigenous artists, and working moms create pieces you need to see. Soon we hope to bring pop-up shows and exhibits to small galleries around the country. 

A Unique Artist With a Colorful Style

E.M. Zax may be one of the most exciting outsider artists working today. We love featuring this kind of work because it forces us to change our perspective. 

Follow him on Instagram to learn more about Zax’s artwork. His unique style will have you shaking your head to view it in the right perspective.

Are you familiar with E.M. Zax? Let us know about your favorite piece of art from this outsider artist.

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