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RYCA Opens Solo Show at Enter Gallery (It’s Perfect for Vintage Video Game Lovers)

RYCA Opens Solo Show at Enter Gallery (It’s Perfect for Vintage Video Game Lovers)

RYCA Opens Solo Show at Enter Gallery (It’s Perfect for Vintage Video Game Lovers)

When we heard RYCA had a solo show to present his first-ever painting series, Playtime, at Enter Gallery, we knew it wouldn’t disappoint.

Pop culture inspires creativity in artists, especially Ryan Callanan, aka RYCA. He fuses music, film, and occasionally a swear word into entertaining motifs.

We decided to learn more about this international artist and his new show.

Let’s explore!

The Story of Ryan Callanan

Ryan Callanan, RYCA, was born in the United Kingdom in 1981. The 1990s pop culture heavily influenced him, and it shows in much of his art. He’s a mid-career contemporary artist who studied 3D Design and Modelmaking at Barking College.

When describing his style, RYCA said, “It is important to me that my work is recognizable and accessible. That is why I like to experiment with symbols that I grew up with by appropriating them and giving them a humorous twist.” 

Collectors are fond of RYCA’s diverse offerings as he works with different materials and methods. His art is always fresh and constantly changing. As a result, it’s allowed him to collaborate with artists like DJ Fatboy Slim, Sick Boy, Ben Eine, David Walker, and Stick. 

What Inspires RYCA?

Throughout his artistic career, RYCA has been inspired by music, film, and popular terminology. RYCA’s primary inspirations for his solo show, Playtime, were artists like Drake, DJ Zinc, and Ian Drury and the Blockheads. Pop culture has always been significant in inspiring his art, especially the1990s pop culture that defined his childhood.

What Mediums Does RYCA Work With?

Much of RYCA’s artwork has had to do with 3D model-making and prints. His most notable pieces are limited edition silkscreen prints. However, in 2022, RYCA began branching out in his creativity to include painting. His solo show, Playtime, is his first painting series, and he knocked it out of the park.

RYCA captures contemporary culture through prints, sculptures, and pub signage. He puts a modern twist on what many would consider traditional art pieces. RYCA’s edgy British humor shines through in many of his creations.

What is RYCA’s New Solo Show?

Enter Gallery hosted RYCA’s new solo show, Playtime. This exhibit was RYCA’s first time showing off his painting series. This is something new and exciting from RYCA, and the pieces are something fans of his work and collectors won’t want to miss!

Playtime is a trip through the 1990s when the Sega Master System was the hot item. RYCA will display his ten original pieces where he used oil paint and enamel on canvases. He completes the pieces with a vintage frame resembling Sega’s packaging.

If you’re a fan of vintage video games, the pieces in Playlist are right up your alley. The works take you back to a time before HD graphics and online gaming platforms. Something stunning about the simplicity and retro look makes these pieces must-have items for anyone who grew up in the 1990s.

Enter Gallery is hosting the show. They have more than 30 years of experience hosting shows and reinvented their spaces multiple times to create the ideal space for displaying art.

From the Muse: If you can’t make a trip across the pond to 13 Bond Street in Brighton, United Kingdom, take a virtual gallery tour and experience it from home.

A painting by RYCA based on the SEGA “master system”. This one shows a green dinosaur and says "Life Finds a Way." The words "With Real Teeth!" show in the upper right corner.

What Are Some of RYCA’s Other Art Pieces?

If you enjoy the pieces in RYCA’s Playlist, you might want to check out some of his other art pieces. These unique pieces continue RYCA’s combination of pop culture and art. He’s created some fascinating works that are relatable and evoke emotion. Let’s take a look!

Hashtag Monster

Who hasn’t been bitten by social media a time or two? Hashtag Monster is a hand-painted, double-sided resin statuette that serves as a reminder of how much of a monster the internet, especially social media, can be at times.

With multiple eyes and sharp teeth, Hashtag Monster is a fierce and gruesome beast. With only five of these in existence, don’t wait to miss your chance to add this to your collection! 

Space Cadet-Pocket Mission-Silver

Space Cadet is a hand-painted figure that may look like a toy but is not. It’s made from vinyl and features a head and arms that articulate. The cadet’s dome is removable, and the packaging is fully removable without worrying about damaging it.

The cadet comes with a random color coin made from zinc alloy. This limited edition piece also comes with a signed card from RYCA. This is an out-of-this-world piece that is easy to appreciate.

Did RYCA Create a Star Wars Collection?

Being born in the 1980s, RYCA was just one of the many hardcore Star Wars fans. His 8 Forever show showcased his work inspired by the franchise. RYCA’s ‘Zen Trooper’ combines his love for Star Wars and the impact a visit to Japan had on him. There’s something peaceful and tranquil about the stormtrooper sitting in meditation.

In addition, RYCA also released a series of four pieces called 9 Holy Grails in a Row. These were hand-painted action figures from the Star Wars franchise. However, one of our favorites is the Long Suffering Trooper, a stormtrooper hanging on a crucifix. The cross has spaceship-like parts that texture the edges and provide a futuristic look. 

RYCA's "Zen Trooper" sculpture.

RYCA Takes Pop Culture Beyond the Stars

RYCA does an incredible job of capturing modern and 1990s pop culture in his art. With such a diverse offering of pieces, there’s something for just about everyone in RYCA’s collection.

Whether you want to showcase your passion for vintage video games or Star Wars or display your favorite emoji, you can find it in RYCA’s store. His unique style and pure talent result in pieces you can proudly display in your home, office, or gallery.

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